Carlos Sainz Jr Career Helmets

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Jun 27, 2018
ItzzAdr14n submitted a new resource:

Carlos Sainz Jr Career Helmets - Helmets for Carlos Sainz Jr for career. One for each team + a 90 Years version for Ferrari.

Hello everyone!

So recently I uploaded Daniel Ricciardo helmets for when he swaps teams in career mode. The response was very positive so I decided to do this again, but for another driver. I posted a poll on my twitter (@Riccixrdo, shameless plug I know) and Sainz won, so I went and did new helmets for him. I'll be doing Verstappen helmets next.
The instructions are included in the package.

Hope you all enjoy!View attachment 330415
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Feb 6, 2019
I Love that you make carrer helmets for F1 2019, it makes it so much more fun and more realistic to play also you are doing a pretty good job so I wish you luck with the helmets. :)