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    I have posted the following on
    It will be interesting to see if the developers answer it. Full text here:

    "This is a question, not a criticism, since I assume the issue is work in progress?

    So far in career, with rules and flags operational, the only penalties I have experienced are false starts and track limit invalidation of lap times. The track limits seems overly sensitive and inconsistent to me (especially inconsistent in Azure circuit).

    Collisions - no penalties in career.
    Blue Flags - I seem to get blue flags against me at times but have never seen an AI impeding me get one or get out of the way (blue flag seems constant in the last part of sector 3 in Le Mans).
    Yellow Flags - these do appear in message form, but not on the circuit.
    Safety Car - has never appeared, even when the circuit is littered with debris.
    Red Flag (return to pit lane) - has never appeared, even when Azure Circuit was completely blocked by AI.
    Disqualification - I think this works for wrong direction, have seen a countdown while recovering from a spin on a runoff.
    Give Back Position/Time Penalty - for corner cutting, escape lane use etc. Does not happen at all.
    Green Flags - sort of exist, but track-side I think flags generally lack visible presence

    I have to add that I think the persistance of debris is a great feature, but probably needs better management if it is going to be practical against rules in the game, particularly a realistic deployment rate for a safety car. Things like tyre stacks (BRNO for example) are perhaps as bad an idea in the game as they were in reality.

    Are these issues work in progress?"