Career not enough money, only 50.000cr - workaround?

May 6, 2015
Hello, I am new to this and just want to play by myself, meaning no multiplayer. I bought this game but when choosing CAREER I can only choose between two cars and those are the cheapest and slowest ones, because one got only 50.000cr at the beginning.

Is there a workaround, a cheat or whatever to start with more money or to be able to choose the better cars right from the beginning in CAREER MODE?

(Besides that, game looks great and ffb bumping and rumbling is great. Plus it has longer routes than in Dirt 1-3. Unfortunately only three countries - hopefully more are coming?)

Ryan Vickery

Sep 11, 2010
You can drive any car/track combination outside of Career, the point of Career is that you race to progress, move up to faster cars. No cheats that I know of, which is a good thing.
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Aug 27, 2009
There is one problem- You have to drive carrer to unlock car upgrades outside of Carrer.


Sep 27, 2009
You can also do the daily, weekly and monthly online challenges to earn career cash... The daily doesn't even require you to own one of the cars.

Ryan Soucy

Nov 1, 2010
Here are my tips as I've written elsewhere here:
1) Do those daily's! It gets me tuned up for the career stages, especially if I just played a tarmac game.
2) Find a car you like, stick with it and develop that car.
3) Seasons pay good money.
4) Never use the RESTART function when you crash. Exit to the main menu and re-load the stage. You keep more of your restart bonus at the end of an event.
5) Use AS LITTLE aids as you can. You can boost your payout significantly by doing things like forcing cockpit cam, and turning off automatic launches.
6) Try the Custom Career. I just started one, so I don't know much about it, but its a good way to build up miles for your crew while learning stages and getting paid to do it. They can be as short as you like.