F1 2014 Career crashes

F1 2014 The Game (Codemasters)
I have a bit of a weird situation, or not so weird, I don't know. I finished up my 3rd season of career mod with no issues. I exited the game and edited the database to have Hamilton and Vettel switch seats. I've changed driver lineup several times before with no issues. I go back into the game and it said the database was corrupt and deleted my data. No biggie. Now, I try to enter career mode and the game crashes. I can run exhibition races fine, with Vettel and Hamilton swapped. Career mode still crashes, even after swapping Vettel and Hamilton back to their original teams. It seems like the "new career introduction" video crashes the system. Is there a way to bypass this video, or how do I fix the career crash? Every mode works fine (Exhibition, Time Trial, etc), except career and season challenge modes.