Car/Track List

Is there a list of official cars and tracks? I can't seem to find one anywhere. I do not own RF2 and am thinking of purchasing it, but I don't want to rely on mods only.


Old thread but this is the most current info as of today here;

When you purchase the game, you can pick and choose what you subscribe to in the Steam Workshop. Studio 397 has all the included content readily available there.

As you likely know, Studio 397 took this over from ISI so the original ISI stuff is here and is included with the purchase;

The Studio 397 Workshop is here and this is included;

You select it all or pick and choose as you wish the game will manage the content according to your choices.

There is new content that can be purchased here;

Additionally there is the 3rd party, public / community content in the main workshop. Again, you can pick and choose;
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