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PC Car Specific FFB Settings GT Category


Sep 23, 2013
The Mission

To get some life and a bit of edge into the force feedback, in my opinion driving a race specific car that has a rigid chassis, stiff suspension and low profile tyres should not be like driving my mums Ford Focus. Driving my road car it is surprising if you really concentrate how much of the road surface you can actually feel. So it is with this is mind I have tried to inject a bit of life and personality into the GT category of cars. All the cars in category are listed.

I have tried to increase road feel through the corners and straights also to try and eliminate that annoying kick back while centering the wheel and maintaining some decent FFB levels.

These are tested on a DFGT at least two laps around Oulton Park or Brands Hatch to gauge how they feel and adjust according to the feeling.

If you find the bumps too much try lowering the Fz scale or if the FFB is too high lower the master scale or the Mz scale.

Have fun and I hope you like what I was trying to do, see video below at 0:26 for the FFB in action.

In manufacturer order
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Oct 15, 2010
Lazarou, your FFB setups are amazing! Please, can you do it for the prototypes and le mans??
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