Can't get Xbox 1 controller rumble to work. Please help!


Aug 29, 2017
the previous time some months ago when I've installed the game it worked.

I've got the xi.win7 driver installed, a controller config from that I love (better 1:1 config), and I tested it in GTR2 and it still recognized the rumble. I've tried messing with all the ffb settings in the menus. joystick, wheel, gamepad, multipliers and smoothing and nothing provides even an ounce of it working. I've even went with default 360 pad configs and everything.
I've tried forcing steam to not use steam bindings, doing the opposite, and leaving it at default.
I reinstalled the game after deleting all the files manually (after uninstalling in steam) unsubscribed all mods, then reinstalled, still no rumble. It detects 360 controller. I have the rumble patch that every google search turns up for xinput. It still works in gtr 2. Nothing in rfactor. Anybody know what's going on?
I'm running windows 10. Project Cars also still works flawlessly with rumble along with gtr2