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Can't find a 1970s era Monaco to race with the 1975 era F1 cars.

I've downloaded the 1975 F1 cars from here, not sure if I picked the correct ones, but they look great and seem to work fine.. However, I can't find a Monaco track where the cars don't all just pile up on each other every time, so I can never finish a race lol.. first lap.. boom..
I've googled and found several versions of Monaco.. in the 70s .. heck I'll even take a modern day track if it would work.
My question is does ANYONE have a Monaco track that will run the 1975 F1 cars (AI) without the cars all crashing out and getting stuck on one of the first few laps?
If so, could you share a link? Is there some tweak I need to do? I've tried everything. The problem is I think I have about 3 different tracks now and they all do the same thing. The cars seem to work ok on other tracks.