Cannot select any other track after installing ORR G Helen

Tearing my hair out here...:mad:

Have three drivers set up in rfactor.

My son installed ORR G Helen which is a dirt track installed from using 1 click.

Now using the default driver I cannot load any other thack or vehicle.

The other two drivers are unaffected.

If I try and delete the default driver it allows me to accept but is still there after deleting.

If I delete the Orr G Helen track from the location folder, rfactor crashes when it tries to load any other track.

If I select a new track the proper graphic for the track appears and then is replaced b y the ORR G Helen graphic which then loads....

All is OK with the other two drivers...

Any idea how I solve?

I'm frustrated and confused........:mad:
Afraid not there is no uninstall.

Presume it installs the track to the locations folder without having to do it manually.

I can still use rfactor with other drivers but not with the default.

Also sent a message to simraceway and got a reply with an option to try but didn't work.

Normally deleting the location would sort it.

Rfactor obviously runs some sort of startup file locked to the default driver or something and because the track is now deleted it crashes.
delete this driver that is affected close rf restart creat it new and then never ever use the crap of SRW again
that should sort your problem only advice i can give. i tryed once there one click install for a mod and after
i had to completely reinstall RF. fingers crossed you can fix it with deleting your driver

Bram Hengeveld

Also another tip could be to have a second install of rfactor on your pc where you first install the mod to test it in the future? I have a second install (clean) for situations like this where a mod creates a big conflicts.

Good luck man, i hope you get it sorted.
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