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SGP (Canceled)Formula 2 @ Bahrain GP - Tuesday 23rd March 2021


Welcome to the RD Assetto Corsa Racing Club. This Tuesday 23rd of March we're going to the deserts of Bahrain, in the RSS Formula 2 and you are invited to join!


All premium members can sign up for this event and slots are limited so make sure to tag a friend! This event will take place on the newly developed platform Simracing.GP and it's extremely easy to join!

Event Details
  • Cars: Formula RSS 2
  • Track: Bahrain Grand Prix
  • 19:00 UTC | Practice (80 minutes)
  • 20:20UTC | Qualification (20 minutes)
  • 20:40 UTC | Race (40 minutes)

Mandatory Pit Stop

Further Event details on Simracing.gp

Register your car for this event
  1. If you do not have access to the RD community on Simracing.GP yet please send Bram Hengeveld a private message including your email address so he can send you a direct invite.
  2. Got access? Click here and register your car for this and other racing club events
  3. Please leave a post below when you are joining the race and it's always great to tag a friend so they are aware you are racing.
Useful links
  1. RaceDepartment on Simracing.GP
  2. RaceDepartment Club Regulations
  3. RaceDepartment Discord
Recommended App: Helicorsa (download here)

Practice and race server password: click here

Entry List

See you on track!
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A message to all Drivers

If you run off track, you have to check to see that its clear before you re enter the track. Do not just keep the gas pinned and pull back on track.

When entering the track from the pits, stay off the racing line until you are up to speed. Do not race on your out lap, let other drivers by. On re-entering the track stay off the racing line until you are up to race speed and do not block any fast approaching car.

Golden Rule
  1. If you hit somebody off the track and carry on like nothing happened, you take the risk of being banned for 30 days.
  2. Instead, you should always wait for the affected drivers, and that way you can be 100% sure you will not get a ban.
Track limits
  1. No more than 2 wheels over the white/yellow line without a lift of the gas please.
    You will be penalized if you break our rules
Note: Please use your full real name in Discord. Not doing so may result in you being kicked from the server if an admin cannot identify you as a premium

Reik Major

Nice one. Nearly forgot I have that car allready on my HDD. :rolleyes:

Will sign up on SGP as soon as I got green light from the government. :laugh:
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Ohh Formula racing, how cool's that. Hope I can find the time


Event Canceled.

Sorry to anyone who was interested in this. I've to travel for work next week. We'll be back the following tuesday.