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GTR2 Can we use real and virtual mirrors simultaneously like in rfactor 1?

One thing that slightly annoyed me when I started playing GTR 2 after having experienced rFactor 1 for a while, is the inability to use virtual and real mirrors simultaneously. My thinking is that both types are equally important. Real provides immersion, but lacks in ease of access, becuase some cars have them placed out of vision or none at all. Virtual mirrors fill that gap while providing very clear, in easily accessible, and high visibility... So, I was thinking, since GTR 2 and rFactor use the same engine, there must be a way to enable both mirrors at the same time? Maybe some modifications in values in some files? Any help is appreciated... Thanks!
No you can only have one types of mirrors active at the time in the Simbin games.
Not really sure why they didn't keep the both on option from rfactor.