Tracks Can someone fix Monaco's swimming pool chicane?

May 1, 2017
Hi all,

As a big fan of driving Monaco, I can't help but be disappointed at every update and reboot of the mod that fails to fix the inside wall in the second part of the swimming pool chicane. Here is a screenshot from PatrikPat's 2017 mod (the most recent iteration, to my knowledge):

And here is the real chicane:

As you can see, the inside wall is now tucked further towards the grandstand and is more curved, allowing more speed to be carried through. It seems trivial outwardly, but it really does make a huge difference in how the pair of corners is driven, and, to put it plainly, mucks up the flow when trying to hotlap this track. Is there any possibility anyone could take this mod (possibly Patrik himself) or their own, and update this section to its true state, and the entire rest of the track to true modern standards, not forgetting the other kerb/banner changes as well? It would be very much appreciated, and I'd even pay a bit for such a track mod.

Thank you,
A Monaco fanatic