1. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 2020 | Check Out A Lap At The Monaco Grand Prix Circuit In F1 2020

    Another week where Formula One isn't racing, another week where Codemasters have released a new onboard lap video from the upcoming F1 2020 videogame - this time around the streets of Monte Carlo. Riding along with Pierre Gasly’s newly re-branded AlphaTauri Grand Prix machine, a freshly...
  2. deudonils

    Monaco 1988 ai 0.2

    I tested it with the lotus 98t with 19 opponents and it worked very well. The ai does not touch the wall at every corner like before and most importantly there are no more traffic jams in turn 1 or 6. Monaco 1988 Track: Copy the "ai"...
  3. Gregz0r

    Monaco 1988: TV Replay Cameras from 1991. 2.0

    1991 F1 TV replay cameras for the Monaco 1988 track. I edited these to mimic how they were back in the day, using period footage as the base reference for each camera's position, start and end points, within kseditor. I had to improvise as best as I could, wherever track layouts differed. The...


    Time ti visit the first ever Force India! A very young team which formed from Spyker, and came so close to points in Monaco which so happens to be the track ...
  5. Fonsvinkunas

    Monaco 0.9 DRS zone 1.0

    I made the DRS zone for Monaco 0.9 by AC track reboot project, which can be downloaded from other sites on the internet. How to install: 1. Go to Assetto Corsa root folder (you will see folders like content, config, textures, etc.) 2. Paste folder found inside the RAR archive there.
  6. NED4TG

    Monaco 2017 Camtool 2 TV Cam 1.0

    This camera need Camtool2: File location:assettocorsa\apps\python\CamTool_2\data Hope you enjoy it!
  7. morado77

    458 GMK camo 2

    Skin camouflage pour la Ferrari 458
  8. NED4TG

    Monaco 1966 Camtool2 TV Cam 1.0

    This camera need Camtool2: File location:assettocorsa\apps\python\CamTool_2\data Hope you enjoy it!
  9. Paul Jeffrey

    WRC | Rally Monte-Carlo Discussion Thread

    Welcome to the central discussion thread for the 2020 FIA WRC season opener - Rally Monte-Carlo! The snow and ice are still fresh on the stages of Monte-Carlo as the 2020 World Rally Championship kicks into action this weekend, featuring some dramatic off-season driver swaps, returning stars...
  10. Ghiaman1334

    Monaco? More like NOnaco!

    I hate driving the Circuit de Monaco. I can't get the setup right, I get spooked by the barriers and lift/brake more than I should, I get wing damage every 5 seconds, the hairpin can do one, it's practically impossible to overtake... I don't think I've ever finished a Monaco GP in any F1 game...
  11. Slendis


    What's up everyone! The purpose of this mod is to replace the default sponsorboards in F1 2019 and replace them with new, more realistic, high quality sponsorboards to increase the realism while you play! I will try to post every track as fast as I can, but it might take some time depending on...
  12. DramaticFrost

    Tracks Can someone fix Monaco's swimming pool chicane?

    Hi all, As a big fan of driving Monaco, I can't help but be disappointed at every update and reboot of the mod that fails to fix the inside wall in the second part of the swimming pool chicane. Here is a screenshot from PatrikPat's 2017 mod (the most recent iteration, to my knowledge): And...
  13. rambokim

    monaco camtool replay for VR 2019-10-24

    It looks very interesting, if you look at it with VR The replay need camtool2 File location:assettocorsa\apps\python\CamTool_2\data
  14. rambokim

    F1 monaco camtool replay 2.0

    -Adjusted camera position, more realistic -Add new set The replay need camtool2 File location:assettocorsa\apps\python\CamTool_2\data TV2 TV1
  15. StrongestFish

    F1 2018 Post-apocalypse in Monaco 2019-05-31

    A very simply mod which gives unique visual experience ;) Unchained AI included. All walls and barriers still exist, but invisible. Another my mods for F1 2018: You can support all my works and contribute creating more mods here:
  16. Paul Jeffrey

    rF2: Monaco E-Prix Talk 'n' Drive

    We go on track at the new Monaco E-Prix layout Although the track has been out for a little while now (release article here), it's taken me longer than I would have liked to get into the rig and put together a video on the new circuit - but now it's here! The Monaco E-Prix layout for rFactor...
  17. Daniel Paez

    MONACO 2019- HYPER REAL 1.0

    MONACO (MONTECARLO) HYPER REAL 1.0 Based on DP Mónaco 2018 HR 1.2 UPDATES: - Reworked Parc Ferme Graphics - 2019 Podium - Reworked Monaco 77e Banner - Reworked Casino de Monte-Carlo Banner from Real Life Images - Relocation Casino de Monte- Carlo Banner on Curve 7
  18. Neasty

    Lewis Hamilton 2019 Monaco Helmet ( Niki Lauda Tribute ) 2019-05-26

    reviews and feedback appreciated Installation guide in download file
  19. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 2019: Monaco Comparisons - 2018 - 2019

    Check out these interesting comparison shots between F1 2018 and the upcoming 2019 version of the game. Having already confirmed the new game is set for a June release date, and that the title will benefit from improved graphics throughout the game, Codemasters have taken the decision to put...
  20. Bink de Jong

    Seb Vettel Lauda Monaco Helmet, Rest in Peace Niki <3 2019-05-23

    Seb's tribute to lauda. Monaco helmet.