Camera question


No money, no team racing.
I must have missed this, but what key do you need to press to get the camera so you see the interior together with the driver? Here is a video of what I mean:
(the camera angel kicks in after 17 seconds)



No money, no team racing.
Ahh, so thats how you do it. :laugh:

I thought my game were broken :whistling:

/EDIT, ok. it does not work. I can press F5 and move around with the mouse, but I can't use WASD.
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This is what i read from what the video poster reply to someone ask him about the camera exactly on that video post.

"you have to activate the free cam:
open camera_onboard_free.ini
and set to 0 SPHERICAL_COORDS.
in game, replay (or not), press F5 and changes the view as you want with ALT + WASD and others close keys :)"

So good luck :cool:

Edited: By the way looks like "ALT" key is no need. Only WASD + Mouse to adjust the angle. It work for me at least.
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