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Buying RACE On by card

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Florin Palade, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. Florin Palade

    Florin Palade

    I'm buying Race On today by card but i don't get it:

    #1 - I'm kinda new to buying games on steam :rolleyes: . When i buy it, do i receive a mail with a password or something ?

    #2 - What am i really buying ? Race 07 or race on ? Is race on a part of race 07 ?

    #3 - Also , what's with the Invalid Forum specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify " message when i try to request the race password from the calendar . I know i'm not licensed yet but will I be getting the actual password if I register (/get a license) on this account ?

    #4 - As a referral to question #3 , can i change my "unlicensed user" status to "licensed user" on the same account ?

    sorry for my bad english
  2. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Premium

    1. First you need a Steam account. Then Download Steam and open it. Go to Store. There find Race On Bundle. It includes Race 07-Race On-STCC The Game. And it's prize is nearly same as Race On.
    2. After you buy it, 3 games will appear in your "My Games" Tab. Race 07, STCC and Race On. First click to Race 07 and install it. Then RACe and then Race On.
    3. First you need to apply here to be a Lisenced Member. After you are accepted, you can see the password.

    I hope i could be a help.
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