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Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by TImothy Magee, May 16, 2016.

  1. TImothy Magee

    TImothy Magee


    I'm in the process of building a button box. I'm using a 32-button no-matrix card, and have a few questions. Well, more of design type questions. I am using 2 small boxes, a 6"x3" for ignition and starter and an 8" x 6" for the other stuff. My questions are this as I'm trying to make it as neat and realistic as possible.

    1. One toggle with be for the ignition/electrical system. Then I can't decide if I want to use 2 toggles to start the car, like I've seen in real race cars, or just 1. It's kind of a "safety" thing where both toggles will have to be used at the same time to start the car. Thoughts?

    2. I am also using momentary rocker switches for turning up/down in-game chat and spotter chat with on/off buttons below them. I'm trying to decide it I want to put these in the 6"x3" with the 3 (or 2) ignition/starter switches. Anyone have thoughts on this? I will be using 4 other rockers for things like sway bar adjustments and brake bias settings, so I have those in the main box....
  2. Mark_McQ


    Use encoders for things like this instead. If you need to make a large adjustment, it's a pain to sit and have to press the button over and over, especially for brake bias. If it's a function where you can hold the button down and the value will keep changing, it's not as bad.
  3. fortyfivekev


    I have made a couple of Arduino based button boxes and as far as layout goes just go with what seems right to you. Buttons you want to press without looking place along the top or side. Also check what the sims you play actually support and whether you need to use a separate piece of software if you want any macros.

    I didn't want to spend a lot so went with a road car style ignition key mainly for playing ETS2/ATS and some sprung toggle switches for BB, ARB adjustments. They work okay for me and didn't cost a lot.

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