BTB wet tracks?

My project is almost finished and I want to be able to make a wet version without any fancy tools like 3ds Max. I seem to remember mianiak working on a rain.gmt which followed the car to simulate rain.


been asked like 3 times in the last week ;)
inclluding by me. hit the seach function and itll spit out your answers ;)


The Lonely's tute is for 3d studio max primarily, aside from the text editing, so you'd need 3dsimed too i think to get the track looking reflecty, which isn't covered (for 3dsimed) in The Lonely's tute, though some of the concepts are the same, and _all_ the text editing is the same. I think the 3dsimed stuff might be covered in another thread here.

And the rain.gmt idea worked a bit, but it didn't work when looking sideways. i had a try, but didn't even get that far. that thread is pretty fresh currently, maybe only page 2?
I got as far as the 3ds max stuff and then it became a bunch of gibberish. What I need is an easy way to attach the cubemap and a way of attaching mianiak's rain which there is no DL for. If he wants to share it, that would be great.


Nah, you don't really need mianiak's rain, it just doesn't work like you'd hope. 3Dsimed can be found here. If you don't have it, you'd probably wish you had it eventually. 30 day trial period i think too. Anyway, in there you can change the shaders and textures for the roads, amongst other things.
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