BTB AIW niggles

Eric Tozer

Mar 16, 2009
I'm having a couple of issues with the new AIW editor in BTB 0.800.

Firstly the Teleport section stagger & 2nd row offset measurement boxes will not accept decimal points.
ie: it will accept 16.00 but not 16.07.
An option here to copy the grid settings would be useful as most of the time I think they would be the same anyway.

Secondly I was editing my garage positions & to get them in the right place i had to un-tick attached which is fine but when i did this some of the positions were over the terrain.
I found that i could manually move the one which were over the road surfaces but the ones over the terrain I could not move.
The solution was to re-tick attached & move them all over road surfaces.
Then un-tick attached again & i could move them all.

If anyone else could confirm these problems occur on other machines that would be good.


I am running Vista64, NV8600GT, 0.800 BTBPro


Mar 24, 2009
first type 16.70 on the teleported stagger,closed down the aiw editor and reopened .confirmed that it rechanged back to 16.00

second one i can't confirmed, i had no problem moving them.over terrain or road.



Eric Tozer

Mar 16, 2009
I have solved the second problem.
I had to go into my terrains & tick BTB ground.
It was turned off because of the trouble I had with my tunnel in this thread.
When it is on I can move all positions no problem.

I have to say that this new way of doing AI is incredible.
No more driving a million laps to get the perfect lap.
The ability to tweak the fast path with a couple of clicks is a godsend.
Thanks Piddy