BRM Racing Endurance Challenge

Welcome to the newest endurance series on iRacing, the BRM Racing Endurance Series, split into two selections of vehicles, we look to offer a diverse, competitive and enjoyable racing series. Full details below -

The Classes
Our series is split into two types of races, WEC style races using LMP1, LMP2, GTE Pro & GTE Am. Standard Le Mans classes on hopefully some unusual tracks for the cars. Our second style of race is GT focused and a little different, it will contain GT3, Supercars & GT4 classes for something a little different to the normal. Both of these will count towards the overall championship, encouraging teams to run in both series. But there will be separate honors for individual championship wins and class winners

The Championship
We aim to start on the 22nd August, with 5 more races to follow until the end of the year. With plans to continue this series next year and improve upon any feedback gained. The full championship schedule is below

How To Enter
Visit sign up and create your team, a team can contain multiple car entries to the championship. This is configured in the "Enter Championship" sections. Once you've signed up, join our discord server and full details will be released to you

We Look forward to joining you all on track!

Series Calendar.png