Brake bias


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Oct 31, 2017
After trying AC a while ago and not liking it, I decided to give it another chance and returned after a looong brake. I have to admit it has improved a lot, and I somehow enjoy it now. However I have some questions regarding brake balance.

Why is it so much forward in AC? I didn't have much time to drive all the cars yet, but for instance, 2017 Porsche 911 RSR starts at 55%, and even though it seems to be very much front biased for a Porsche, I have trouble not locking the rears.

Moreover I have hard time feeling brakes locking when trailbraking (I have all the canned effects set to 0) and I loose time because I tend to not brake hard enough being afraid to lock the brakes. It's a bit like driving in the dark. If I shift the bias even more forward, like to say 59-60% it gets way better, but 60% brake bias for a 911 RSR doesn't sound right.
BTW, this is not for Bathurst, where you shift the bias a bit more forward. I tested on Zandvoort.

I have much better feeling of the brakes in rF2 when it comes to Porsche. Is Assetto calculating the bias differently?


Dec 22, 2009
As for why it's different from weight distribution, load transfer under braking means more weight on the front tires.


Oct 23, 2018
Real world race crafts I raced, you want as much front break as possible, without locking up the front. On the RSR, I have %64-63 front. Also, in your brake pedal settings, you want a curve in your brake pressure to %100, default its near linear.