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Career BMW M1 Procar Championship 0.99

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hulg063 submitted a new resource:

BMW M1 Procar Championship - M1 Procar

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Welcome to the BMW M1 Procar Championship 1980.
You play as the talented driver Nelson Piquet of Team BMW Motorsport.
Sixth of the previous year's championship , you absolutely must do better, that 's why you must imperatively finish fourth minimum to jump to the next race.

Track conditions will vary quite a long season and the time of departure of the race. The difficulty is 100% .
The championship is more or less fictionnal because alot of circuits are...

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Could someone tell me if mine is bugged? When I enter the career it actually enters the GT Advance Series instead of the M1 serie?
Does this need to be completed first?? (Which seems very unlikely to me?)