EU BMW 235i Racing @ Monza, Mon 13th April 2015


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Jan 4, 2009

Event Info!
  • If you can't book in time make sure to sign out before 17:00GMT
  • Password is sent via TeamSpeak.
  • Minimum number of sign ups required for event to go ahead: 8
  • TC /ABS: Factory | Stability Control: OFF | Damage: 100% | Penalties: off
Cars: BMW 235i
Track: Monza

Practice: 17:00 GMT(90 mins)
18:30 GMT(20 mins)
19:00GMT (20 laps)

Racing Club Rules: click here
Teamspeak Password:click here
Teamspeak Installation Guide: click here

Our racing clubs are first and foremost meant for gaining online experience so please help other drivers out when they have questions about the event, the car, the track, the setup or a combination. This is not a league race, it's not about who wins, it's for some fun.


  1. John Grant
  2. Matyas Kone
  3. EireGreen
  4. Tommi Saari
  5. Tomi Manninen
  6. Hristo Milushev
  7. Geof
  8. Si
  9. Christian Lozanov
  10. Ronny Nunez
  11. driver
  12. driver
  13. driver
  14. driver
  15. driver
  16. driver
  17. driver
  18. driver
  19. driver
  20. driver
  21. driver
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Tommi Saari

Moving chicane
Dec 13, 2014
Sign me up, please. Maybe this time I can keep it between the white lines for the race duration...


”Maximum Attack!”
Apr 6, 2010
Sign me in, please.

Btw, with these cars damage should reduse almost at minimum so you can really fight side By side and even touch a little without fear of losing drivability too much. These cars shoudn't be so sensitive to aero damage. In AC sometimes few scratch in bumber affect too much for top speed and cornering. But these are only my opinion, just saying it out loud.


”Maximum Attack!”
Apr 6, 2010
That first lap felt better an gave more satisfaction than winning the race:thumbsup: absolutely amazing, thank you @Geof for that.

And sorry for those two light contact I gave you during our battle:(. ( it was a payback from yesterdays race:whistling::sneaky::p).

Thank's to @Si for the race. Nice to see you too racing after some time.
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