Black Shadow flickering

Justin Swan

Kent, Uk
Apologies is this is already common knowledge but any idea if there is a fix for horrible black flicker that sometimes occurs? It goes if I quit and restart GSCe. Is there a setting that will eliminate it altogether?

Not meaning to distract from the OP, but I have a similar issue... just different lol.

I get a different type of flickering, my problem involves shadows that are on cars flickering everywhere else is fine. I ve tried most things and it randomly started once and has stuck in this game and also rFactor started doing it too. most annoying.



Try setting opponent detail to high. That has worked for some glitches in a mod, who knows, it's worth a try here too.
are you running MSI Afterburner or another tool that´s using d3d overlays?
I had flickering problems too mostly with sahdows of my own and opponent cars.
I disabled MSI Afterburner and it´s gone now..
I figured it´s not related to Afterburner but haven´t found a cure anyways. It kinda appears randomly after a couple of laps and surprisingly sometimes can go away too after a while.
But looking at your video I think it´s two different bugs. On my screen it always shows up on the cars shadows and on some other geometry around the track. I´m clueless....
I´m pretty tech savy so I tried a many different things and configurations,problem pretty much remains.

Maybe someone from Reiza Studios can comment if they have experienced this too.
funny thing is Falk, mine use to be fine then all of a sudden it started doing it, also does it in rFactor now, so both isi games have the issue.

I cant recall what i had done to make it happen but reinstalling game and diff drivers makes no difference anymore

Renato Simioni

Reiza Studios
Try creating a shortcut for GSC.exe and adding -fullproc to the command line (so it reads ...\GSC.exe -fullproc). This will disable fullproc which since v1.15 has been enabled by default. We´ve found that in some systems it can cause shadow issues similar to the one you´re reporting.