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Discussion in 'Euro Truck Simulator 2' started by Dany Five, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. Dany Five

    Dany Five

    Hi there,

    since FH16 added to game, I'm wondering if there is something better out there to buy for the company. I have my old Actroses working, but wondering (since tried and bought FH16) if its worth to replace them. I'm not a big Volvo fan, but I think there's no real competitor currently. Huge tank, amazing power, good consumption, great handling. So my question is, what is your opinion on best truck overall in the game. it worth to invest in to my Actros trucks rather then sell them and buy Volvo ?
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    Marcel vd Aa
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    Well there is one big thing you need to keep in mind about the actros. Since Mercedes still haven't issued a license to use their trucks in ETS2 I can imagine that there was no data given by the manufacturer to ensure the trucks ingame handle similar to the real life trucks. A good example of this are the gearboxes of the Scania trucks which are based on data given by Scania. So for the Actros it is hard to say how close to the real thing it is. My preferred truck was the Scania but that was mostly because the 3D model was way better than most others. Having said that; I tested the Volvo and I liked it very much. But in the end it is mostly a personal choice for a particular brand I guess...