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Best place to source plate metal mounts?

Hey everyone,

Have a GS-5 on the way and am looking into my options on mounting my transducers to the seat. Whatever I end up with it looks like either the Clark Synthesis or the BK Advances I have will require some additional hardware to mount them to the seat. I see a number of you out there will snazzy metal mounting plates in your photos and I am hoping one of you can point me in a good direction to get some options cut custom.

So how about it? What you got?
You know there's pre-cut mounting areas on the paddles themselves for some transducers?

Ah sorry, just re-read that you're trying to mount some much bigger transducers you already own...can't help in that regard...personally I'd swap to something that fits the provided locations...that way the whole set up will look much neater also...but good luck in your search
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