Beginner want to disable TC. Any advice?


Oct 16, 2010

It´s my first time dedicating that much time to a game. Usually I cannot keep playing for more than a week, but this game really got me addicted to it.

The problem is, I´m a beginner on this kind of game. First I was playing on my PC with a XBOX 360 gamepad. Then my girlfriend gave me a wheel when she saw me almost throwing the gamepad through the window while racing in Monaco. It´s a crappy wheel, but way better than the gamepad.
I restarted the game running on Lotus, Intermediate difficulty, just brake assist off. I´ve managed to win all the races. Now the second season will be on McLaren. I don´t know what to enable or disable to revamp the challenge. Up the AI difficult is the most obvious thing to do, but I think it´s better to dump the assists. I´ve disabled the ABS and on Sakhir I did the pole...about 6 seconds faster than the 2nd using prime tires. I was with Ramon´s setup, with medium brake size and standard engine mapping. The time was 1.55.5 (on prime tires). It was alot faster than my first season with lotus without any orientation, but I´m still at least 4~5 seconds off the pace. I did lots of mistakes...I know I can do better with more practice.

Anyway, I´m not 100% satisfied in just raise the AI level. I wanna dump another assist to raise the stakes instead,
I tried to lower TC to medium, but I couldn´t keep the car on track. It was like driving on ice.
Probably I´ll give a break on this season and try to practice without any TC. Any suggestions?

Eifion Evans

Oct 18, 2010
When starting to use tcs, my advice is to

Slow Corners.

- Manual gears: Downshift into second gear rather than go all the way down to first. This will make the car less responsive/snappy to throttle.
-I literally coast through slow corner apexes with just a tiny amount of throttle.
-Initially try to avoid kerbs - you can attack them more aggressively later when you have a better feel for no TC.
-Be very very patient and gentle with throttle application when exiting slow corners.
-Apply more power as you reduce steering angle - lots of steering lock with lots of throttle will spin you out.
-Shortshifting - Shifting up through the gears early when exiting slow corners will dull the throttle response and make the car less likely to snap.

Medium/Fast coners are just about building confidence and really attacking corners. TC off is more forgiving in faster corners so just get a feel for it.

Id avoid learning no assists in career mode - just use TT or GP mode and run lap after lap untill you get a feel for it. Dont bother with mdeium TC - go all or nothing.

Dan Fraser

Jun 11, 2010
Raise the AI level. Once you can feel you're seriously on the edge being pushed, that's the time to slowly take off the assists, which results in better driving by you.


Feb 16, 2009
Avoid the medium setting. Sure, in certain scenarios it 'helps' but when you do lose traction there is almost no warning, and no learning process. Spinning out on corner exit was a real problem for me until I switched TC off entirely. I spin less and it's easier to 'feel'.


you get 'feel' from TC?

personally I was thinking it was of the few flaws in the game, that loss of traction has no feedback other than engine noise and even then it sounds like TC is cutting in even though it's switched off!


Oct 16, 2010
I´ve tried some TT laps...
Finished a few without spin out of control...but still far from perfect.

I understood Dan´s point.
I´ll raise the AI level. With a more competitive AI I´ll need to be more demanding.


Oct 11, 2010
All i can say out of experience, and im also a beginner... dont flat out in corners when throttling... hold back a bit.
Try to practice on each track for a few rounds slowly so you get a nice feel.. then try to increase the pace as you go. If you have the dynamic racing lane enabled.. use it and learn where the breaking/acceleration points are.