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Beginner needs Accuforce V2 Setup Help

Hi yall

Just now got my new Accuforce V2 setup on my P1-X with HE Sprints and Fanatec shifter :) I am coming from using a Thrustmaster T300RS the last 6 months. I am using Assetto Corsa only so far. Haven't tried any other game yet, will get there.

So, i need beginner level help on the Accuforce V2, specifically for Assetto Corsa

I got everything working for the first time today, playing on pure defaults in AC, and it was usable but definitely not right, noting that i don't yet know what 'right' is. I am a little overwhelmed starting out here, and specifically with how to use Sim Commander 4 with AC.

Looking for what yall would read, listen to, sites to go to, etc if you were learning how to setup the Accuforce V2 for the first time.

Again, specifically for Assetto Corsa for the moment.

I want to be able to find something that will tell me what are the best generic settings for everything to make AC great using the Accuforce, and then find other's settings in AC for individual cars. I drive about 90% of the time the Lotus 49, and would love a great AC Lotus 49 FFB setup specifically.

I have already found the SimExperience owners forum

Any guidance appreciated. :)

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Des Pearce

I would start with cloud tuning and see how that feels (if the car/track combo has enough data).

Generally set 95% in SC4 and alter overall strength in AC. The other sliders SC4 are as much personal preference (on my accuforce i run around 8% smoothing, 15% rear traction loss, 100% moving oscillation and everything else at zero).


playing on pure defaults in AC, and specifically with how to use Sim Commander 4 with AC.
If you are [still] using VR, but are no more resourceful than I,
then you will be unable to access SC4 while driving in AC, which IMO discourages using it often.
Consequently, I loaded a cloud setting for a car with which I had actual experience, modified that cloud setting to better approximate that recalled feel, saved those settings to the AccuForce controller,
then quit using SC4 and just tweak Content Manager FFB settings per car and track.
i don't yet know what 'right' is
I started with a car with which I have real experience, first driving on Skidpad 0.5
adjusting both game FFB and car suspension (tire pressures, toe, camber, sway bars, LSD) for balance and feel,
then Clarksville figure 8 for basic pavement change feel and car shock and spring settings.

FWIW, that is basically what I also did with real cars before real track use.
I just spent at least 6 hours this weekend trying to figure out Sim Commander 4. I could really use some hand-holding as i get up to speed on this.
The video tutorials that SimExperience provides are using an older version of Sim Commander, and they don't well explain all kinds of things.

I can't figure out how to search for other owner's Sim Commander setups/tunes and load them

I can't figure out how to auto-tune

Is there anyone that is using Sim Commander 4 that i could talk to personally and get thru this initial learning curve?



Open settings in Sim Commander for ACC, then select auto profile from Cloud Sync Data. That's it simple.
The Output Mixer tab is where the magic happens, I would take the time to test most if not all the settings. I found the auto tune not to my liking as it depends on a lot of variables. On the output menu, just click + and add effects, test and add some more.

Cloud Sync.jpg

Pick one or the other for these, so if you want to use the game force feedback turn it on. If you want Sim Commander to produce the feedback then click Game force feedback off and Steering feedback foundation on.

I also found that settings can be additional to whatever the game feedback is, so essentially you can have endless combinations.
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TJRSim does a good job of explaining some of the settings, and what they do. As you mentioned there are some differences in versions, but the "Output Mixer" is the same (as far as I can tell)., and that is where most of the magic is controlled.


What I actually did was play with the sliders by increasing one, starting a game, and see what it did. This way I was able to tell what each item did. I also keep in mind, not all effects are in the "Output Mixer" by default. If you expend it there is an "add" option and you can play with those as well. Once you play with things for a bit, SC4 is actually easy to tweak things to a feeling you will really like. Also, with AC most cars/tracks are in the SimXperience cloud database, and will give you a good baseline. I thought the amount of engine vibration was a little strong in the cloud profile in some sims, so made a duplicate profile and then turned it down. Basically using cloud profiles as a starting point works well.

You can also run a few clean laps with a car/track you like and create a profile based on that data. I believe TJR touches on that in his video. Some sims it works really well, but even if it doesn't tune things just right it gives you a good baseline to start with. However, if you don't like to tinker the cloud profiles should still give you a good experience IMO.
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Thanks guys...

Just wanted to update this thread. I finally figured out how to use the cloud and auto tuning features, and also had a call with the tech at SimExperience and he went over all my questions.

I am still playing around with it. He also suggested turning one setting all the way up and playing with one setting at a time to see what it does. He was also clear that the auto and cloud tuning tunes things that are NOT seen on the 'Output Mixer' settings. Some sort of deeper wheel settings that he was pretty vague about get affected by auto/cloud tuning, then you use them as a baseline and can tweak them with the output mixer.

I am really digging the new wheel, but it will take me time to fully play with the settings and figure out what i best like. I mostly am driving the Lotus 49 around the old Ring and have shaved off a bunch of time since i got the new wheel and HE Sprints (they are awesome, was using T3PA Thrustmaster pedals previously)