Before I buy - Demo issues

I would like to dump my Raceroom. The grip modeling feels so much better in Rfactor2. Doest feel like a street car suspension.

I installed the demo.

After going through the settings, I'm still having some issues.

1) Steering rotation
When I try to set the steering wheel rotation (default 540), it returns to 540.
I unchecked something below it, and it allowed me to change the rotation to 360 then 180 and went back into the demo, but steering rotation is unchanged. Can't even get out of the pit without hitting the fence.

2) Formula Renault car downshifts automatically.
I have taken off all driver's aids. Still, the car downshifts automatically or shifts into neutral if I''m driving too slow. I have full control of upshifts, but not downshifts.

3) Pedal/brake sensitivity WAY TOO HIGH
I set sensitivity in logitech profiler and in game to 0 and recalibrated my throttle and brake in the game settings. But they are still way too sensitive. 1/4 travel for brake is all it takes to lock up.
Formula Renault

4) adjust view.
Any way to adjust the viewpoint of the driver? Default setting, i can't really see the track. Since I'm not familiar with the demo track (atlanta motor speedway), sorta difficult to see where the track is going. Any way to raise my view point alittle so I can see more of the track from the driver's perspective?

5) FFB way too weak
I've adjust my logitech FFB to 150%, but my wheel still feels way too weak. Still almost no FFB. In the previous demo, I did have very strong FFB and the wheel took some strength to turn. Not anymore. I'm using the same Logitech profiler settings suggested to me for the 1st demo I tried.

6) Wheel hands animation
In the default FOV, when my wheel is full lock, the animated hands are also full lock.
I changed my FOV to try and see more of the track, but now, when my wheel is full lock, the animated hands barely move.

Once I get these optimized it will give me an opportunity to really give this ago.
This is the 2nd time I installed the demo. The first demo had the Corvette and driving the Corvette & Formula Renault at Silverstone, I had none of the problems I've listed above.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.
1) Steering rotation
If you set "allow game to controle settings" in the logic profiler. And set "vehicle set range" in the rFactor controle setup.
The game will change the steering degree range according to the real car and will match with your virtual wheel.
For a go-kart it will be a few degrees left and right. For the Cobra it will use the complete 900 degrees.

2) Formula Renault car downshifts
press F7 to toggle between auto-shift, auto-up, auto-down and off. But it should be a setting in the difficulty settings.

4) adjust view.
Yes, you can assign buttons on your wheel
FOV + and - (zoom in/out)
Seat up, down, forward and backwards.

5) FFB way too weak
This might be a result of the wrong steering range.
A car with a 540 degree steering range will produce halve the force if the steering ration is set on 900 degrees.

6) Wheel hands animation
This might be a result of the wrong steering ratio.

Some interesting default key commands:
Ctrl-F: FPS counter
Ctrl-X: time acceleration (to speed up the real road progress)

And more very usefull buttons:
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3) Pedal/brake sensitivity WAY TOO HIGH
With a G27 pedal set it's easy to fully press the breakpedal. But in the car setup you can adjust the braking force. Lower that value.

Note: with warm tires and at high speed (downforce) you can apply a lot of brake. But when the car slows down (less downforce) you'll need to gradually release the brake pedal.

Atlanta Motorsport isn't an easy track for a F3.5: lots of blind and low speed corners.

Ace King

If you have a wheel capable of 900 degrees of rotation make sure that it's setup to use it in your wheel profiler or in your windows settings. (Win7 your wheel is listed in devices/printers) Then as stated above be sure "vehicle set range" in the rFactor control setup is ticked so each car make can auto set the degrees of rotation to it's real-life settings!
AWESOME!!! thanks.
Another regarding the brake. Once you start a session go into the settings and press all pedals 100%. Go out on track drive a few meters press the brake 100% and go back to the pits.
With the Logitech pedals I had sometimes a bug in rF2, which recognized 10% brake travel as around 80%. I drive with a brake sensitivity of 80% with the logitech pedals, but the FR35 has lots of braking power so at slow speeds you really have to apply very little brake as Gijs explained already.
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