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Basic Question About ATS Demo

I downloaded the ATS Demo to give it a try and generally enjoy what I've seen so far. However --- Is there any way to "start over" when getting stuck somewhere (like hung up on a barrier, missing an exit etc)? I didn't see anything obvious to correct your situation when making a mistake -- Maybe that's why it's a called a sim? ;)

the game autosaves every so often.
when driving, note the game time at your crash/problem point
Esc>Load and save>tick show autosaves> load an earlier save point
Also, you can call emergency services for a tow, fuel, etc. Look at the Route Adviser, go to where you can see your truck silhouette, and select "Call Assistance Service." The help will automatically take the truck and trailer to the closest city. You will pay for that and you will lose some time (depending on the distance from the city).