Backing up Sky+ HD recordings

Nigel Atkins

Jan 3, 2007
i will be soon getting a SKY+ HD box and was told that the 300GB HD has only 160GB partition for recordings which will obviously soon get full. i asked on the help line and was told i could backup to VHS or DVD but i would like to backup to PC HD.
once my 12months warrenty has run out i will fit a larger HD, but for now was woundering what my options are.
ive got a Compro DVB-T300 tv/capture card
could i use that for lossless capture. the Sky box has S-Video out and the tv card has S-Video in.

Thanks :)

Ulli Haus

Aug 9, 2009
Hi Nigel,

that depends on the software that came with the TV card!
In general, the capturing procedure remains the same as 10 years ago.

1) You need to feed the video and audio signals into your PC via your TV card
2) You need a software for capturing videos
3) Use that software to capture whatever you please just make sure you selected the high def. record. resolution in the options before hand!

That should be all

The only thing that would cause me thinking is HOW do you plan on feeding the digital signals into your capturing card that possibly does not have a digital input!

Cause as far as I've read your link, this is an ANALOG audio/video capturing card!!! So I don't even know if the HD resolution appears on your monitor if fed through this card!

P.S. of course, there are capt. cards that are specifically designed for this purpose, but they are extremely pricy!
Feb 17, 2008
check out if you box has a networkcard, i can plug my box (D-BoxII from Premiere (now sky)) in my router and with VLC i can stream the signal to my pc