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Back In The Game

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Lazarou, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. Lazarou


    It's been a while since I fired up AMS, which for gaming reasons like F1 2016 career, Battlefield 1, FM17, and for life reasons like time and family etc. Enough with the excuses!

    Anyway my friend was over to visit from Austria so I invited him round for a drive on my setup and the various games I have for it. He is a hardcore F1 nut like me and also we have had many karting battles IRL, so I value his opinion on matters of driving and feel etc. He also does not have any sort of setup himself.

    I updated all my games and added any mods that I thought would be of interest to him. He is mainly into single seaters like me.

    We went through the various games I have AC, Pcars, F1 2016, RF2 and of course AMS in no particular order. I never gave my opinion on any of them so it would not skew his perception on either the FFB, feel or gfx.

    It wont surprise you to learn what he spent the most time on AMS, I explained the situation with it having mostly unlicensed generic F1 cars even with that he found them by far the most enjoyable and perceptively realistic in comparison to the other games.

    This is not to start a flame war or anything but he found and agrees with me that AC after initial early access which he had a go at when it first came out it now feels numb, and although RF2 felt okay it looks like :poop:. The less said about Pcars the better and F1 2016 did not do it for him.

    I really have missed AMS, the feel is unparalleled. The GFX with the HDR emulator look really nice and smooth and it just has that special something that you can't quite place but makes you always want to do another lap or another tweak in the setup.

    I am glad he decided to come round, the Brit pack and Imola DLC is fantastic.Being a level 6 backer I have been behind it all the way but I guess a rest has actually been a good thing as I am pumped and ready to get into it again.

    My only downside is I received my sticker the other month and it is just a ridiculous size, I mean where am I supposed to put it!
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  2. Andrew

    Out of my mind! Back in five minutes. Staff Premium

    Well, invite your friend from Austria to join RD. It seems he is a Simmy. ;) ;) ;)
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