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Hi all

I noticed in the club events, a few RD's are using Autosim's weather generator to spice things up a bit. I've just tried to use this in a series I am running with my team and well, it went pear shaped lol.

I basically set graphs for Practice, quali and race, did the export and changed the weather.txt file on the server. The practice forecast was followed fine, but this was then repeated for the quali session (which was not how I'd set it) and my race session forecast was completely ignored.

I've tried a few searches on here and Google but struggling to see where it went wrong. Is this just a case of you can only use this tool for Race forecasts and I should not have ticked any other sessions? I assume the server needs to be set to changeable weather yes? Tried it set to dry and the forecast was ignored completely for all sessions.

Any pointers gratefully received :)



Yeah the weather generator does that anyway - I checked and the file had not been over written.
well you need to recheck the weather file after done...
in the file you will find the following

you need to change them to Qualify and Race1 (and eventually Race2)


Just another quick question on this - tonight I was running a two race event. The programme can only generate forecasts for a single race so I tried doing one export with Practice/Quali/Warmup/Race 1, then a seperate report with just a Race forecast on - I copied the text from the second report and added it to the first renaming it to Race 2 but it got ignored so I've obviously done something wrong there.

Is that the correct way to do a two race forecast or is it better to add quali 2 to the list and rename quali 2 as race 1 and the race entry as race 2?
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