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  1. Javier Bernedo

    Javier Bernedo


    I would appreciate if somebody in Reiza could answer some doubts I have about it.

    I have done 3 different tests with every car of the sim:

    a) Autoblip 0 - Autolift 0 - Autoclutch 1
    b) Autoblip 1 - Autolift 1 - Autoclutch 0
    c) Autoblip 1 - Autolift 1 - Autoclutch 1

    The first thing I have realised is that, as expected, a & b offer the same results.

    1) Is that correct? The autoclutch ON, activates the autoblip & autolift if they are ON.
    So, even if you have autoblip & autolift = 1, they are not activated until you use autoclutch


    There are 4 cars that no matter what options you use, they react always the same:

    Formula Reiza
    Autolift - ON
    Autoblip - ON

    Formula 3
    Autolift - ON
    Autoblip - ON

    Autolift - OFF
    Autoblip - OFF

    Autolift - OFF
    Autoblip - OFF

    I guess that is how real cars are. But I thought that F3 didn´t have autoblip. So...

    2) Real F3 has autoblip?


    Then, there are two cars that it depends on what your option are.

    If you set autoclutch = 1 and autolift = 1, they have autolift
    If you set autoclutch = 1 and autoblip = 1, they have autoblip
    If you set autoclutch = 0, they don´t have autolift or autoblip

    These cars are the Formula Classic and the Stock Car V8
    I understand that Formula Classic, as a fictional car, is allowed to drive whatever you want.

    But, for the Stock Car V8...

    3) In real Stock Car V8 cars, do they use autolift or/and autoblip?


    Thank you
  2. oppolo


    F. REIZA = based on F1 2010, sequential gear with automatic cutoff

    F. Classic = based on a classic F1 turbo era, i think of 80's, manual shifter

    Mini = manual shifter

    Camaro = manual shifter

    F 3 = there are different F3s, some have manual cutoff, others automatic cutoff and others 5 speed manual shifter.
    download "regolamento" by moving the mouse on "formula 3"

    stockcar = in the game they have a 6 speed sequential without automatic cutoff (we have to lift the throttle for shift up), in real I don't know, I can't find informations, only that they have a sequential XTrac
  3. Marco80


    This goes back to I think even before rFactor 1, it works like this,

    No matter what you have set for autoblip and autolift in your plr file, they will both be disabled as long as you have auto clutch off.

    Once you turn autoclutch on (you can do this from ingame, don't need to keep changing it in the plr), then if either autoblip or autolift has a 1 beside it then that will be enabled, but again, as long as autoclutch is off in game then they will both not be in use, even if they have a 1 set next to them.

    Now, to make things further complicated (and I'm not sure if this following part is actually true), I read around a year ago that the developer/modder can setup and enable/disable autoblip and autolift (and their specific characteristics) in a specific cars physics file itself. Now if that's true how does that work with the plr autoblip and autolift? Does one overide the other? Hmmmmm