At Last Some Real Racing

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by HypoToad, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. HypoToad


    I got F1 2013 and installed it on my PC and it was either the keyboard (yikes) or an old Logitech Dual Action which I started to use, but the throttle and brakes are either on or off, so cornering is a bit of a hit and miss affair with my limited skills.

    I saw on Ebay a wireless USB receiver for the Xbox 360 controller, hmmm I have three of those controllers and they have analog throttle and brakes on my other CM games on the 360.

    It was only $11.00 delivered, and it arrived today, I set it up with the correct MS drivers and it worked first time.

    Doing a 5 lap race around the Nurburgring on medium difficulty with the Logitech I could only manage second, with the 360 controller on my first attempt I won the race by six seconds, time to up the difficulty, it's so much nicer being able to control your speed on corners.

    Now back for more racing.
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