ASUS SABERTOOTH Z77 CMOS Battery Replacement

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    M D Gourley

    Hello everyone,
    I had a problem with my PC, when turned on it would only get to a screen with American Megatrends, some white BIOS text and would not go any further until I went into the BIOS to run set up every time I turned on the PC. The info at the American Megatrends screen would also vary with the type of info displayed, mainly with the SATA Port info missing some Ports. When I got into the BIOS the Date and Time was also wrong, always defaulting to 1/1/2009, even though I changed it every time.
    I researched online and the most common answer was that the CMOS Battery on the Motherboard was dying and not holding it's charge, so all the BIOS settings like Time, Date and custom settings were not saving when you turned off your PC....although, another number of thoughts mentioned that could also be the cause was...Power Supply developing a fault, SATA Cables becoming loose in the Motherboard connectors,, Motherboard Connectors themselves becoming sloppy or the actual SATA cables becoming faulty...I tried all of these but still got the same problem, so the CMOS battery replacement it is then.
    The Asus Sabertooth z77 Thermal Armor, while looking good and possibly does what it is supposed to do a pain when it comes to changing out the CMOS Battery...having to disconnect and take out most of the items connected to the Motherboard was annoying, to say the least. I was very lucky that the CPU Liquid cooler Radiator Fan unit that was installed on the CPU slipped through the gap in the armor without having to remove that as well.
    I am not an IT or Technician person and I have no real knowledge of Computers, and although with the research I did online, this is the first time I have had to do it so a special thanks to all the people who posted info on this subject matter for referencing.
    I still spent 3.5 hours to disassemble, reassemble and configure the BIOS to get it up and running again....just for that little battery...grrrr. ...note to self...DO NOT GET MOTHERBOARD WITH THERMAL ARMOR AGAIN...LOL
    Asus needs to design a trap door over the Battery area on their Thermal Armor Motherboards with a couple of screws maybe, so all that needs to be done is remove the screws, lift up the trap door to get at the battery...there's an idea for you...LOL
    Video footage was filmed on a Canon G7X then edited in Cyberlink Power Director.
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