Assetto Corsa setup errors in definition?

Hi All,

I cannot wrap my head around these differences in set up explanations/definitions:
Caster is always POSITIVE with race cars. But the "Car Status" screen shows clearly a "-" in this case "-8.98".
Camber is also usually negative and this is shown correctly ("-3.52")..

Secondly, with the 911 RSR the TOE values in "Car Status" go from "-" to "+" when you click "-" in "Alignment". This would mean you go towards TOE IN with clicking the "-" as TOE IN is always POSITIVE.
With Camber you clearly click an amount of degrees and with TOE it's just a number, no negatives. With oth er cars you DO click a number that is negative.

I am totally confused.

BR and thanks for any help.


Don't bother about the caster sign, cars would undrivable if it was the wrong way and you can't change it anyway.

When setting the toe and camber, look only in the car status display on the right, where the actual values are shown. The actual values depend on the car height, rake, springs etc.