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Assetto Corsa Competizione | New Hotfix Update V1.7.8 Now Available

Hi guys!

ACC hotfix 1.7.8 is out now on Steam, refresh your client in order to get the update.

v1.7.8 changelog


- Bonus Alpine Esports Series livery for Special Event hotlap competition.


- Removed 90-minute Free Practice length option from all championship race weekend types.
- Fixed gallery replay having permanent kerb sound in some situations.
- Fuel widget now shows per lap calculatation based on last 3 laps instead of session aggregate.


- Slow cars and cars with significant damage are now marked yellow on the track map.
- Fixed team logo stretching on the car selection page when season strip is hidden.


Minor balancing tweaks for the following GT3 cars and track categories:
- BMW M6 GT3 at BrGT A and IGT D
- Porsche 991II GT3 R at BrGT A and IGT D
- Mercedes-AMG GT3 and Evo at BrGT A
- Nissan Nismo GT-R GT3 at BrGT A and B
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I joined 2 different lobbies last night and won 5 races in a row. This has never happened before. I was posting times at Monza of 1:49 - 1:49.5 and everybody else was never below 1:50....has something changed?