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Assetto Corsa Competizione | 505 Games Address Console Release Issues

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
505 Games have today released a useful community post about various issues and clarifications surrounding the console release of Assetto Corsa Competizione.

As the official simulation of the SRO GT World Challenge Europe, Assetto Corsa Competizione has gathered plenty of fans during its short development life on PC, and just a few days ago the console community have had their first experience of this racing title on Xbox One and PS4.

It is probably fair to say the console release hasn't been quite as plain sailing as the studio would have liked, and with a few issues having already been acknowledged and worked on by the team responsible for porting the simulation to Xbox One and PS4, 505 games have released a useful Q&A style update on the launch and next steps:

As mentioned in our recent FAQ guide, Xbox pre-orders (both digital and boxed versions)* get the Intercontinental GT Pack DLC for free. Codes for the DLC pack (for those who picked up the boxed version of ACC) are distributed via the retailer, not 505 Games. If your retailer offered you the Intercontinental GT Pack DLC at the point of pre-order, please reach out to them if you still haven’t received your code.

Definitely a hot topic. Our dev team are looking into this as a priority, with wheel manufacturers. We know there are issues that need ironing out and we’re investigating on our side. Rest assured, we see you and we hear you. No additional info right now as these things don’t get sorted instantly, but we will let you know when we have more details to share. We’re sorry some of you are experiencing issues and we want to thank those who have submitted reports full of useful info for our team. It helps a great deal!

Oh… Just to add, if you report issues to our team around wheels, please ensure that your wheel’s firmware is up to date first.

We’ve seen a number of reports come through around performance issues and FPS drops, particularly with PS4 Pro and Xbox One X systems. Again, this is something our team are fully aware of and are looking into.

A number of users reported issues with the livery editor and thankfully this was a quick fix for our team. In the very near future, ACC players can expect a hotfix that addresses this. This will launch firstly in EU, then in NA. Once we’re out of submission, we can then provide you with a launch date. Stay tuned!

Again, something we’re taking a deep dive into, as we’re very aware some of you had problems within multiplayer, especially on day 1. Rest assured, we’re not ignoring the problem. Behind the scenes, the team are looking server side into what might have caused these crashes.

As mentioned earlier this week, private lobbies are coming to the console edition of ACC. No exact launch date to share just yet, but know that they’re coming. (And hopefully much sooner than you think!) As soon as we a launch date, we will communicate this. What we can tell you though is we’re looking to support 20 players in private lobbies.

As frustrating as it is that we cannot provide concrete dates right now as to when the above will be fixed, (it’s just not possible at the time of writing) please know that we are doing all we can to ensure normal racing can resume as soon as possible, for those experiencing issues. The team are working absolutely flat out behind the scenes, rest assured.

Looking forward, we have a lot of exciting content in the pipeline coming up! The GT4 pack for example, featuring 10+ cars, is scheduled to launch on PS4 and Xbox One this fall. We think our sim racers are going to love what the DLC pack has within it, so keep an eye on our social channels for announcements and unveils. We can’t wait to tell you more about that.

Finally, to round things off for today, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank those who have taken the time to provide us with constructive criticism, helped us help you in providing invaluable info and for taking the time to share your content, screenshots and kind messages. We’re so grateful and fortunate to have such a passionate community.

As soon as I have more information from the team such as fixes, dates, times etc, I will let you know! As mentioned, we’re doing all we can to try and fix these issues behind the scenes. In the meantime, #beACC

Original Source: 505 Games.

Assetto Corsa Competizione is available now on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Got questions? Head over to the Assetto Corsa Competizione sub forum here at RaceDepartment and let the community be your guide!

ACC Console.jpg
The fact they've addressed these issues with a statement so quickly after release kind of makes it sound like they knew about them before release but had no choice but to stick to the original release date.
Of course they knew. Consoles are a single system, not like a PC where users may have ton of very different programs and hardware mixed, you can't release crap like this without knowing it
Of course they knew. Consoles are a single system, not like a PC where users may have ton of very different programs and hardware mixed, you can't release crap like this without knowing it

What i meant was 505 and Xbox/Playstation may not have given them any choice but to release it in that state with agreed dates etc.
The 505 games statement reads like a 'sorry we got caught' and nothing more. Another poor mea culpa written by the PR woman ("we're hoping for a smooth launch":rolleyes: ) all the Kunos devs hide behind every time there is trouble. Marco, Aris and co need to come out of hiding and say something, they are all over this forum when it's going well. I've also noticed the sarcastic laughs from whoever has the Kunos account, they are watching but the laughs are on them.

505/Kunos/d3t Ltd (a name I'll be watching out for and avoiding in future) knew they were shovelling sh*t out to console players once more. No review/early play codes for the big YouTubers before launch? Not a single review before release day? No big marketing push? No gameplay footage in a 505 Twitch stream set up for the exact purpose? Just talking heads about sim racing - yawn. The journalists who've been rating this game at around 8/10 need to hand their heads in shame, these are clearly paid reviews as the game barely works and 505 admit as much above. David Perel has made himself sound like a fool too with comments like "the best racing game on console" etc.

One thing is for certain the wheel issues have nothing to do with wheel firmware updates, all our (home plus many friends) wheels are fully up to date. It's an intermittent problem with the game itself that is 'sometimes' solved by restarting the wheel - there is no reason or sense to it and no other racing game has ever launched like this. Add the input lag and it looks like wheel support was a last-minute addition.

As the game stands the best advice I've seen is this review on Xbox. It's quite topical too given the recent shortages of toilet paper and just a few weeks ago was probably cheaper than buying the real stuff.

ACC Funny.png

My feedback is simple if they really do want to fix the game they launched. This time test the update and allow the usual suspect YouTubers to test the changes and report if they actually work.

As for 505 games, there is simply no excuse for releasing games in this state. All platforms have an Early Access or Preview programme. If your game is still early access and in development release it as such, the community will then work with you to develop a game that works in a much more forgiving way. A beta test weekend would have told them all this and allowed them time to fix it.

Outsourcing the port was a big mistake. Releasing a broken game makes this look like a shameless corporate cash grab. The silence from the real Kunos devs is most telling - they just don't care other than the cash, the PC game is all that matters to them. Anyone still wondering why 'the lord' left or did he have some foresight of what was to come?

The claims of fixes 'soon' should be heeded with caution too. Last time it took 505/Kunos months to release updates and often the Xbox updates were weeks later than those for PS4. The updates often introduced as many problems as they solved.

ACC should only ever have released on the next-gen consoles but no way were they going up against the resolved first-party FM8 and GT6 launch games.
The early reactions to this launch don't really surprise me. This game was designed for the PC. When it was announced for consoles, I was skeptical. There's no way 6 1/2 years old hardware can run this game as well as a modern day PC.

They should have waited for the PS5 and whatever new Xbox is coming soon. Bad move by 505 games. A shame, because on PC, this game is amazing.
they should have waited for PS5 Xbox X and be a launch title on those machines. added the British GT pack to it. but im not in charge of 505 games and for them the bigger install base probably made more sense.
Yeah, 5/6 more months... for sure the new hardware would have been way better, performance-wise.
But they also would have had all the time in this world to iron out all these issues on the performances on this current generation of consoles, since they don't have fight with 1,000 different PC configurations.
You can't be so dumb to release a game in this state just to be sticky to the exact date you announced. If the game is not ready, it's a suicide action, a walk of shame. And the console people blame Kunos, not really the software house who ported the game to console nor 505.
None of this should be surprising. Look how bad the Asetto Corsa launch on console was. For me personally it was the final straw I had that pushed me to PC. In a way for me it worked out really well for me personally, but I really feel for console players. Console racers deserve good sims too, and it just seems like they are always an after thought to developers.

As someone that really likes ACC on PC this is just another example while sim racers are better off going with PC to avoid water downed, poor products, like ACC on console. It is a losing battle expecting a good sim on console platforms IMO, and I don't think new consoles will change that.