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Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Paul Jeffrey, Jun 24, 2016.

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    Kunos Simulazioni have put their premium racing simulator on sale via the Steam platform from June 23rd to July 4th with an incredible 50% off the standard retail price.

    Those looking to purchase the standard game can enjoy a 50% discount brining the title to just £14,99 GBP. With several DLC packs already released and the recent announcement of Porsche joining the sim during 2016 now is a great time to check out the popular racing simulator. The new summer sale also offers also include a 40% discount for those looking to purchase the standard game version plus Dream Pack 1, 2 and 3 DLC.

    Currently at version 1.6 and due to launch on console later in the year, Assetto Corsa is already one of the top racing simulators and features a wide variety of laser scanned real world circuits and some of the most desirable road and race cars in the world. Based on a moddable platform, many community created cars and tracks are already available to download for those wanting to increase the substantial base content included in the game.

    RaceDepartment run a very popular and always exciting racing club featuring a host of content in this epic Italian racing sim. Check out the Assetto Corsa Racing Club for details and enjoy some of the best online racing experiences available today.

    Of course since the recent closure of the official AC modding forums RaceDepartment have taken up the baton and have a sizable archive of mods and tracks for the game, as well as our popular modding discussion forum. Check it out for the latest downloads, setups, skins and chit chat around the modding scene for Assetto Corsa.

    Does the sale represent good value to you? Will the lower price tempt you to try Assetto Corsa for the first time? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Vanaja


    Damn. I bought a couple of weeks ago it all. :mad::cry:
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  3. Blimey


    Next DLC at -40% would be great for a preorder right now.
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  4. Epistolarius


    Well, sorry to hear that. But for the next time remember that you can always count on Steam doing a summer sale and Assetto Corsa (and other titles) being discounted.
  5. SimJim70


    @RaceDepartment Assetto Corsa isn't the only game in town that's on offer you know. The Dirt collection, Reiza collection, PCars, rfactor 2 plus many more. Come on RD share the love!
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