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Asmedia 104X drivers for USB3.0

Not really a direct hardware issue, but related.....
I found that with the motherboard supplied Asmedia controller based USB 3.0 drivers installed, my ports would do really strange things.
If you have anything plugged into a USB 3.0 port... wheel, pedals etc and are having problems with sensors spiking, fluctuating or not going full range, take a good look at these drivers.
My USB mouse and keyboard would randomly stop working sometimes upon entering a game...usually Assetto Corsa or RF2. Sometimes moving around in the menus in RRE, the computer would just go into sleep mode or shutdown (as if it was commanded to...not abruptly).
I'd been 'suffering' for weeks with pedals connecting and disconnecting or not being recognized by the various games after the computer was inactive for a while.
I removed the drivers completely and let Microsoft install a default driver....problem solved.
I went from Asmedia driver to Microsoft default 6.3.9600.17396 dated 10/7/2014.