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Any thoughts on tweaking the UI for posting on someones profile page so dumb MOFO's like me don't accidentally post private info on there?


I have seen profile posts in the past that were clearly supposed to be private and wondered how people could be so daft to have done that, but then I went and joined the club earlier this week :D

I'm not entirely sure on what to suggest, but my initial thoughts are that it's fairly obvious what is going on when there are already other posts on the profile, so I was thinking maybe changing the 'Write something' to 'Write something (NOTE this will be visible to everyone)' would help a little for those times when it's the first post.


Well, since I've not yet made the mistake myself, I'm still in the "how on earth did they make that mistake" camp :)
How did it happen? Meanwhile I will have a peek and see if the "Write something" text is actually specific to the profile post template - changing it does seem like a sensible idea.
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