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Any scheduled WTCC Events in near future

Jure Skraba

Apr 22, 2008

I've joined this racing community not long time ago and as I'm reading posts on the forum I don't see any WTCC racing events (for Race 07) scheduled (not even on GPCOS).

Is there any particular reason that there are only STCC, Mini and special races scheduled? Are WTCC events not interesting enough?

I hope I will be able to participate in any WTCC events in near future or I will be forced to buy STCC or GTRE expansion or maybe even wait for Race ON. ;)


Jun 22, 2008
... and for the Mini's Race07 is sufficient (as long as we do not run on any tracks out of the add-ons, but that did not happen for long time)!

Andrew Evans

si sticks up a regular s2000 event every other week or so... but it does require stcc....

you're going to find it more and more difficult to get a race with just the race 07 content... and that's only going to get worse as more expansion packs come out....

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Staff member
Dec 26, 2006
Yep, although RACE 07 is the base game still the WTCC cars only wont do it anymore here.

To be honest i think people are missing out on the action if they still stick to RACE 07 only without upgrading to Evo and STCC.

After three years (RACE WTCC Game included) i am totally fed up with the same cars and tracks over and over again, and then STCC with new twitchy tracks as a welcome variation.