Another Project CARS Title in The Works?

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Slightly Mad Studios head Ian Bell has reportedly confirmed the smash hit Project CARS franchise is due another new release - Project CARS 3 is in the works...

Never one to be shy with the big predictions, Bell has taken to the GT Planet forums to confirm to fans that another Project CARS game is in the works by Slightly Mad Studios, and with a typical shyness we've all come to expect from new PCARS news, Bell has suggested the next instalment of the franchise will " blow anything else, planned by anyone else, out of the water".

Now call me a sceptic, but we've heard statements like this before in relation to Project CARS games, and although both PCARS 1 and 2 certainly do some things very well indeed, for many players they often leave more than a little to be desired in comparison to their main sim racing rivals.. especially when compared to some of the grandiose statements made by the developers during the build up period prior to release.

Now of course this "announcement" is very early in nature, and as such very little is known about the intentions of SMS and the development path of PCARS 3, but one thing is for sure, whenever a PCARS title is in the works, plenty of excitement is sure to follow..

Stay tuned for more news as and when it becomes available...

Project CARS 2 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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Mar 6, 2016
with such announcements often come sales, giveaways etc of previous titles in the series and look whats in new humble monthly :D

Kurupt CDN

DirtT Tuned Motorsports
Jul 18, 2012
Not exactly sure how I feel about this....
I've given SMS the benefit of a doubt with the last 3 releases going back to shift 2.

All 3 releases have had short 1 yr support periods, than abandoned after that to start production on the next title leaving multiple issues remaining and some carrying over to the next title.
Starting to get tiresome to be honest.

On the other hand, each release has added new features/tech and improved overall.

PC2 implemented loose surface physics, seasons and Rallycross content which I thought was done very well BUT they half assed the multi player portion resulting in ZERO online rally community making a majority of those features kinda pointless as you could only find a race in single player with mediocre ai.

Looking at PC3 I really hope they expand on the Rally side and do the mp sessions properly.
There is no reason single player mode can have a proper race format with practice, heats and final while mp only has a 1 off race which forces you to sit there hoping people join the sever....cause if you start a rally session it goes straight to the race min just add a practice session and I'd be happy!


Feb 22, 2018
I much rather they regularly upgrade their preexisting game than push out new games every other year like Forza. One big feature for me that was missing from PC2 was the ability to accelerate fuel and tire usage.
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dreamer al

Dec 22, 2016
I bought Project Cars, then Project Cars 2 expecting a much better game. Yes, PC2 had more cars, tracks, but still not the perfect game (for me). When compared to rF2, AMS, it fails to deliver. Personally I would have been much more impressed had they updated PC2 than to go after a money grabbing exercise in PC3.
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Apr 12, 2015
So many of you predicted that PCars 3 will be announced 1 month after PCars 2 release tho. Apparently this time they mean serious.:rolleyes:


Apr 8, 2015
Project Cars 2 looked awesome in VR, a lot lot better then every other sim. But the flickering trees and vanishing assets near the roads drove me so mad that i didn't wanna touch it any more. It was already there in Pcars1. I'd only buy if this would be solved in Pcars3 (but not for full price, rather for the 25 bucks i bought Pcars 2)
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Jun 6, 2009
For the post-release sale price last year, I'm getting what I want out of PC2. I'll be able to wait for fantastic mark-down sales if PC3 ever comes out and SMS manages to make it palatable.
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Jul 7, 2010
PC2 was nearly perfect for me, with one huge deal-breaking exception:

Almost all of the cars had way too much grip under acceleration.

The result: Infamously tricky cars like the Lotus 49 and Porsche 917/10 that would only understeer. Even coming out of tight hairpins in 1st gear, it was nearly impossible to get them to break traction. I've been told it's a tire issue (they inexplicably put modern tires on these old cars, resulting in way too much grip).

This gave the game an overall "dumbed-down" feel to me, and sent me scurrying back to AC when it became apparent they were never going to fix it. It's a real shame, because I really enjoyed just about every other aspect.

Nick Gregory

Forever a backmarker
Nov 27, 2015
This gave the game an overall "dumbed-down" feel to me, and sent me scurrying back to AC when it became apparent they were never going to fix it.
This is the problem. You played AC and got used to the way it poorly transfers weight, which is where you think there is "too much grip under acceleration".

Edit: Thank you all for proving where your allegiances lie.
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