1. P

    Paddygezus Mercedes-Benz 190E MOMO 1.0

    Paddygezus' MOMO Mercedes-Benz 190E DTM Livery. Skin is a mod I made based upon a Hot Wheels Track Day Merc 190E 2.5-16 Blurred section on rear windows is location for Driver name (in screenshots it has my name, this is why it is blurred). File comes without any driver name, if you have...
  2. Razzy

    RazZyRacing Audi R8 LMS GT3 RRL 2020-03-12

    Hey, this is our new Audi R8 LMS GT3. A red Beast. This Skin is selfmade and we hope that you like it. If you want you can leave a Feedback so we know what we can do better. You also can offer some skins from us. Just fill out the following questions in the link...
  3. Razzy

    RazZyRacing Ferrari 488 GTE 24h Le Mans look 2019-08-04

    Hey, we are Team RazZyRacing. You can download our skin for the Ferrari 488 GTE in a 24h Le Mans WEC look. It is selfmade. We hope you like it and don`t forget to subscribe us on YouTube and leave a like;) See you
  4. romainrob

    Bobble Head Dog - “G-Meter” - SimHub Overlay 2019-04-04

    Both tasteful and useful, this is the original analog G-Meter. FEATURES The head moves up, the head moves down, the head moves to the sides and it makes you smile. COMPATIBILITY This SimHub Overlay is compatible with the following games: American Truck Simulator Assetto Corsa Assetto...
  5. CivElox

    BMW M6 GT3 Classic (costum edit) 2019-01-06

    Hi Guys, today i will show you my BMW M6 GT3 skin for the GT3 online championship 2019 by RedOps. This skin was Made for T0bY you can tell me if you find some bugs and i will fix it So I hope you enjoy it^^ in the readme there you can see how to install it, but if not, then look: you can only...
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    Another Project CARS Title in The Works?

    Slightly Mad Studios head Ian Bell has reportedly confirmed the smash hit Project CARS franchise is due another new release - Project CARS 3 is in the works... Never one to be shy with the big predictions, Bell has taken to the GT Planet forums to confirm to fans that another Project CARS game...
  7. Paul Jeffrey

    Project CARS GO Confirmed for Mobile Release

    Slightly Mad Studios have partnered up with US publisher Gamevil to announce a mobile version of the popular Project CARS franchise is incoming... With both Project CARS and Project CARS 2 turning out to be commercial successes for Slightly Mad Studios, the British developers have made the call...
  8. DaBomb330

    Setup: Ford GT GTE Long Beach 1:15.1

  9. David DeGreef

    What is your GO TO for your racing fix?

    When ever the subject of an update, best AI, FFB, DLC, or lack thereof, too expensive and just about anything else for that matter comes up a great debate begins. So what is your preferred method for your racing fix? If not listed, no offense, these just seem to be the ones most gravitate to in...
  10. DaBomb330

    Setup: Acura NSX GT3 Monza 1:46.9

  11. DaBomb330

    Setup: Ferrari 488 GT3 @ Monza 1:45.5

  12. Paul Jeffrey

    Project CARS 2 Developer Livestream - Career Mode

    The latest 'Developer Livestream' for Project CARS 2 is out, looking in-depth at the career mode from the upcoming new racing game. Now publishing the fourth live stream video on the run up to game release later this month, Project CARS 2 Game Director Stephen Viljoen once again takes viewers...
  13. T

    Black-Purple Fanatsy Livery for Formula Rookie 2017-06-27

    This is my first mod, so its not perfect. Ez az első modom szóval nem tökéletes. Installation/Telepítés: 1.Copy the veichles folder to the Project Cars installation Folder(C:/program files/Project Cars) Másold be a Veichles mappát a Project Cars telepítési mappájába. 2.In the gam go to my...
  14. T

    Black_Purple Fantasy Livery for Formula Rookie OLD, NEW LINK IN THe EDESPRICTION 1.0

    Here is the new updated mod: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/black-purple-fanatsy-livery-for-formula-rookie.16014/ I am 15yrs olda and this is my first mod, so its not perfect. 15 éves vagyok és ez az első modom szóval nem tökéletes. Installation/Telepítés: 1.Copy the veichles...
  15. Rogerson Roller

    Red Bull RB6 Ultra Real Life - Project Cars mod - Dois Vizinhos Paraná - BR 1.0

    Installation: Copy the downloaded files and replace the originals in the installation directory of the game "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ pCars" \ Vehicles \ Textures \ CustomLiveries. Have a good time. Instalação: Copie os arquivos baixados e substitua os originais...
  16. Dataman

    Universal FFB V2

    After having looked for several days, having tested each parameter of the FFB in the menu and in the car, ready to test all types of cars, a crazy idea came to my mind ... And if just one Only parameter was badly adjusted? Download the file, follow the short instructions, and in two clicks in...
  17. Max Muster

    FORMULA A - Renault RE60 [1985] 1.0

    Here is my Renault RE60 [1985] skin for Formula A. I hope you like it. ;) [Please Rate it]
  18. Max Muster

    Lotus 49C - Vodafone McLaren 1.0

    Here is my modern Vodafone McLaren skin for classic Lotus 49C. I hope you like it. ;) [Please Rate it]
  19. Max Muster

    Formula A - Benetton B193 [1993] skin 1.0

    Here is my Benetton B193 F1 skin. I hope you like it. ;) [Please Rate it]