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Another looking for tracks ....

Been missing the following grand prix and can't seem to find any links anywhere.

1950-54 Monza (the first ever of F1 era, could be tweaked from 60 or 65)
also 72-73 is slightly different

1952 Rouen (missing completely, 67 with circle chopped in half)

1953-60 any Buenos Aires No. 2 config (could be easily made from other configs plus textures)

also 1972-73 No. 15 but only textures to existing stock track

1953 and 54 Reims (50 and 67 could be tweaked + textures)

1959 AVUS (67 has a tighter hairpin)

1959 Sebring (70 has a moved chicane)

1960 Riverside (65 is fine in general but needs textures and track surface)

1968 or 70 Mont Tremblant (09 is just about the same just needs textures and old pit lane)

1971-74 any Watkins Glen (75 with tweaks)

1972 Monaco (minor tweaks from versions of the time)

1973 Zolder (67 with new textures)

1974 Dijon (adding textures to stock version)

1976-77 Long Beach (79 but needs tweaks)

1978 Montreal (minor tweaks from old versions)

1980 Imola (72 with textures)

1981 Jarama (79 again needs tweaks)

1981 Hockenheim (minor tweaks from existing versions of the time)

1996 SIlverstone (tweaks)

Happy to pay a lil bit if someone likes designing too.
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Thanks to everyone who messaged. Not just for these tracks but others too. I've updated the list now. Some are just very minor tweaks but in bold are biggish changes to layout.