And What about a Car Modeler?


Mar 23, 2009
What about a BCB? (Bob's Car Builder)?

I'll be surely a buyer as many people in community I guess.

Once Piddy has full skills over GMotor Engine, I think It would be not so tricky to program a Car Builder as well.

The Xpacks would be alloys, break callipers, steering wheels and so on instead of trees and track objects.

Just a thought.

All the best,

David Allak

Nov 9, 2008
It would be really cool, but its a completely different program.
I don't know that much about it but I doubt there is that much in BTB that could be used for such a program.
Also, I cant help but feel it would take significant time away from BTB development, which for me would be a bad thing.

I used Zmodeler years ago and it seemed quite good, just had a look and its still being developed. Seems to have export to RBR and rFactor, I have no idea if it is any good these days, but worth a look.

In the end, it is up to Brendon what he does.
For programmers the best stuff comes when they enjoy what they are doing, so I would say, do what you enjoy!


Mar 22, 2009
it makes no sense to make a ca modeling modul based on BTB. different operation method for car building and trackbuilding are require.

I think when you start car building you must skilled for 3dsmax or Z modeler ( or other 3d program). you need for car building some more different modeling functions as trackbuilding. i can´t belive that a special program can do it faster or better than 3d program. I would see the best potential to share 3d parts (wheels engine wings and so on). it is much faster to change similar parts as build a new one.


James Capper

Feb 19, 2008
Here's a thought..........why not build the shell and cockpit in sketchup then export it to 3ds max or zmodeler.
is it possible or feesable, if so it would save a lot of time extruding an lathing etc,etc.
after all sketchup is a hell of a lot more user friendly than the other two programs
Mar 26, 2009
nice pun, but by your logic we shouldn't want BTB?
No Pun Intended.

You've misinterpreted my logic, want is a completely different thing.

Is it necessary for BTB to exist?
Absolutely Not.

Is it helpful that it does?
Yes. I find that BTB is much more intuitive to use. It has the ability to achieve better results faster than some of those other programs.

So what would BCB do that necessitates its existence?

I can think of none.

Most of the methods used for build vehicles translate program to program. A shared library of generic 3d objects can already be achieved. If cost is prohibitive, might I suggest Blender (free!). Regardless of what program you use, the learning curve to build a car will be steep.

David is correct, if Brendon wants to he surely will. IIRC back on the RSC boards he's already said it's not going to happen.


Mar 23, 2009
Of course I know that cars (as anything) could be done in Zmodeler or 3DMax. But imagine a handy software to add seats, steering wheels, alloys, edit all car physics and so on...

As Woochoo said, not even BTB would be necessary if you are an expert in 3DMax. And, by the way, a official 3DMax license costs some thousand of dollars. And Blender... hum, to be honest, I hate that software :D


Mar 16, 2009
yeah, i wasn't necessarily being super-serious. i highly doubt Brendon will make a BCB and that's ok with me. I was treating this as a purely hypothetical thread.

BUT, i was thinking he could have some simpler way of doing many thing, including a GUI for all the text files that are required for cars, tyre and suspension models (carfactory, realfeel), as well as basic default 3D shapes and what-not. not to mention xpacks.

but i agree that, for a while at least, it might not be as beneficial as BTB, but sufficiently beneficial for me to have a try at car making. then comes the money side of things...

So if he had two twin brothers, i wouldn't mind if one of them worked on BTB with the existing Brendon, and the other worked on BCB.

Eric Tozer

Mar 16, 2009
So if he had two twin brothers, i wouldn't mind if one of them worked on BTB with the existing Brendon, and the other worked on BCB.
Click on Brendon & hold down "C" whilst dragging should create an exact copy of him.... I think......:laugh2: