An autupdate-car- and tracktool???

To keep up with updates on cars and tracks is pretty hard, at least for me who just drives once or twice per week.

It would be nice to have a tool that searching for and autoupdates new versions of cars and tracks that I have installed.

Anyone knowing a tool for that?


no tool yet, though there have been some clever ones made so maybe its possible.

not sure how many sites you use to get mods, if its just RD i think you could just check in once a week & be fine. the AC forum is messier but most of those mods end up on RD.


For that to work Kunos would need to host all the resources on a server of them
and have unique IDs assigned to them.

I assume community built tools would also work, but if for example RD decides to change something in the download section, the tool would die the same second.
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