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AMS working in VR

I start crewchief first, then steamvr and finally automobilista. Do I have to do anything in crewchief to make it work?

Start cliff house then make a desktop and start AMS from the cliff house desktop.
You can also start cliff house/ WMR and then on steam menu start AMS but do not start SteamVR first.
Should work with SteamVR running but I can't get the mouse to work in VR if I start SteamVR first.
Everything was working perfectly and now all of a sudden I am getting 40 FPS (from 90). Whatever video settings I tried didnt make much difference.

GPU is always at around 30% (CPUs less) but FR is down to 40. There was a Steam VR update this week, wonder if that screwed it up. Anyone have same issue? I use Odyssey +
I do not have any issues with fps in AMS 1.
Stopped using SweetFX as that is a little hard on fps in race.
Mainly using open wheeler.
Using a WMR lenovo headset.
First of all A BIG BIG Thank You , this makes AMS THE BEST SIM EVER
Ever since i got VR i have been no VR no buy so my go to Sim was RF2 And i forgot how good the FFB ,Physics and AI are in AMS ,the AI are the best ever

I have 2 problems however when you go to lap times the ui only shows the first 2 sectors if i have a higher resolution the they show up but then the mouse does no work . i am on 1280 x800res at this time .
Also i like to have wheel and my arms working but arms will not go past 360% rotation

So thank you to ALL that made VR possible:):D:D:D:D:p


Just wanted to say a massive thank you to the team that got this working, amazing stuff, works brilliantly in my Quest 2.

Automobilista in VR - Yes, The First One
the above post is a copy-paste from my post on the AMS forum about this, but the author has included a spam link in the added "cinema hd" text he inserted. The post is spam and its only purpose is to allow the author to post his spam link. I've reported it but RD have decided it isn't spam.