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    SCS Software have revealed some preview images for the Heavy Cargo update coming shortly to American Truck Simulator.

    With the recent announcement that heavy loads will be added to European Truck Sim 2 in the immediate future, SCS have taken to the internet to appease American Truck Sim fans with news that the latest release of the Czech developers trucking simulation franchise will also be getting the heavy hauling treatment, with a special set of new heavy cargo updates due to be released in the not too distant future....

    "The US regulations are different from European, calling for different axle configurations for the special transport trailers. It takes a ton of skill to master driving these monstrosities, just look at the screenshots bellow..." say SCS Software on the upcoming ATS update.​

    As is the norm with SCS Software updates, the attention to detail lavished on this upcoming content release is plain to see from the screenshots attached to this article. With an interesting selection of heavy duty loads due to be added, it is impressive to see the developers have not just employing a basic copy and paste tactic from the European Truck Simulator 2 pack, but have built specific cargo and trailers to the appropriate dimensions required for road legal haulage in the United States.

    American Truck Simulator on paper sounds.... well boring if we are perfectly honest. Trust me, it isn't at all... it's awesome! With regular updates, huge world maps to explore, a dedicated community and a development team obviously highly passionate about the products, American Truck Simulator (and Euro Truck Sim 2) are both incredibly enjoyable simulations and well worth a try for something a bit different to the usual high octane racing sims we all enjoy taking part in during our spare time.

    American Truck Simulator is a simulation game based on truck driving and building of your own trucking business based in a digital representation of several American states. Exclusive to PC, the game can be purchased now on Steam.

    American Truck Simulator Heavy Load 1.jpg American Truck Simulator Heavy Load 3.jpg

    Check out the American Truck Simulator sub forum here at RaceDepartment for all the latest news and discussion regarding this awesome game! We host mods, report on the news and offer up a great community environment to kick back and discuss the game with your fellow like minded fans of franchise. Log on, join in and get involved in the community today!

    Do you like the look of heavy loads in ATS? Enjoying the game so far? What sort of loads would you like to see added in ATS? Let us know in the comments section below!
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    This will add a lot to the game's immersion. Now we just need a few more states added.:)
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    I want to see 8x8 ballast trucks that will pull all this heavy things :sneaky: