AMD Radeon and Virtual Super Resolution

Nov 9, 2008
Hi All

Not sure if anyone has used this in the latest version of the AMD Drivers. Basically it lets you select higher resolution in the game config that your monitor supports and then it automatically down-scales to meet you monitor max supported resolution.

I really works and the image quality and sharpness is massively improved, you can also reduce the amount of AA required which helps to improve performance

There is only one issue that I have identified so far and that is my G25 feels strange with it enabled, it is not as sharp, seems to have a dead-spot and the wheel is not synced with the wheel on screen anymore so I have to turn the wheel more than I did before. I am trying different solutions but haven't found one yet, which is a shame as the VSR really works and makes even some older games look great.

Give it a try, and if anyone can solve the wheel problem let me know.




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Oct 9, 2010
Downscaling and upscaling are guaranteed to give you input lag, the technical story on this migt be a bit long, but in other words, in fast paced games it will ruin your experience.
Nov 9, 2008
Thanks Frank.
I thought it had something to do with the scaling. Never mind it was worth a try. Seems to work OK on the original rfactor but everything else it just feels disconnected!

Back to native res then.

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